Prevention of gum and teeth disease

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Enjoy a healthy mouth

The bacteria dental plaque is a colorless film that contains millions of different bacteria. Some of them are responsible for the dental caries (they destroy the enamel and dentin of the teeth) and others are responsible for the gum infections (Gingivitis and Periodontitis) as they unstuck gums from teeth and resorb bone subject.

The frequence of the periodontal disease, periodontitos, commonly known as pyorrhea, is so extense that in the present days, it is the main responsible of this teeth loss in adults. The main cause of this silent infection is the accumulation of dental plaque between teeth and gums. The cientific evidence shows that the periodical elimination through a professional hygiene of this dental plaque, not only cures the periodontal infection but it also avoids the progression of the periodontitis or pyorrhea.

Preventive program

¿Cómo evitamos el acúmulo de placa dental bacteriana entre los dientes que tanto nos perjudica? Con un programa preventivo que tiene dos pilares:

  1. Higiene diaria: una correcta higiene bucal diaria en nuestras casas que en ocasiones puede precisar aprendizaje o monitorización por una higienista.

  2. Higiene profesional periódica: acudiendo a una visita periódica profesional de eliminación de placa dental y sarro acumulado. La periodicidad oscila entre cada 4 meses y un año, dependiendo de los factores de riesgo de cada paciente determinados por su dentista.

The fulfillment of a preventive program will allow you to enjoy much more years of your teeth, you will save up problems, worries, time and money.

What if my teeth are healthy?

The people with a healthy mouth do also need a preventive, periodical and professional hygiene to eliminate the dental plaque and tartar. This way they could enjoy of a helthy, clean and aesthetical mouth.

 Caries and prevention

The caries has been during lots of years the main dental problem in the human being. The periodical application of fluorine is a nacking to the fluoridated daily toothpaste that is nowadays used. A professional periodical hygiene in which as well there is an application of fluorine concentrated gel, is vital to avoid having caries. All these measures have been proved efficient as a complement of the dental and interdental hygiene appropiate and quotidian. 

Birbe’s Clinic wishes that this information is useful. If you need a personal valoration, contact with us.


Clinica Birbe
Clinica Birbe


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