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Jordi - Case of mandibular prognathism

Jordi had visited another clinic to treat his case of mandibular prognathism, the solution proposed didn't inspire confidence to him. That's why he attended Birbe's Clinic to try to find ...the best alternative. Dr. Birbe studied his case, and proposed to Jordi the one that for him was the most adequate: orthognathic surgery.

At last, Jordi underwent surgery in Birbe's Clinic, with a relatively simple solution of orthognathic surgery; Jordi's operation was done without orthodontic preview, following the protocol "Surgery First". The intervention was simple and the recovery has been very quick.

"When you have to do things, you do it well and directly, you don't need to think about the process, but think about the result. I'm very satisfied concerning how everything has gone" - said Jordi.
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