Birbe Clinic facilities

Exclusive dedication to maxillofacial surgery, implantology and oral rehabilitation in an interdisciplinary way, with the participation of various specialists led by Dr. Joan Birbe, Diplomate by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.

How are our Installations?


The most advanced equipment to develop our medical specialties and ensure the proper functioning of our clinic.


Handicapped accessible: elevator and exterior access ramp.


Two large fully differentiated surfaces:

  • Maxillofacial Surgery and Facial Aesthetic Surgery
  • Dental Specialties.

Operating Rooms

Operating room:

  • Equipped with laminar flow.
  • The air conditioning system installed ensures clean air of impurities thanks to an advanced ventilation / air renewal system. HEPA filters.
  • Constant temperature of 21-23 ° C and humidity of 65%.

Plasma screen for the correct visualization of radiographs, photographs and treatment plans.


7 Cabinets designed to guarantee maximum hygiene and achieve the best ergonomics and comfort for the patient and the professional.


Two sterilization rooms: sterilization plays a basic role nowadays and always, to guarantee maximum safety for patients and clinicians, we rigorously follow the sterilization and disinfection protocols indicated for healthcare centers.


We have ultrasound machines, sealers, dry heat and humid heat stelirizers and rapid cycle sterilizers. All our material is bagged.

Medical equipment and computer software

Digital Radiology, which reduces the radiation dose by 1/3. In addition, the quality and clarity of digital radiography surpasses that of conventional radiography: Orthopantomographer, Scanner, iCAT.

Intraoral scanner: with it we avoid taking impressions with pastes in the mouth to make splints and prostheses. Greater comfort for the patient, without nausea!

Dental radiology.

Digital radiology makes it easy to share information with the patient and other medical professionals who may be involved in treatment.

  • Microscope: “You can only treat what you see.”
  • Florida Probe for the exact diagnosis of periodontal pathology, gum diseases.
  • Preparation room prior to surgery.
  • Resuscitation room, post-surgery recovery.
  • Computer software to plan and simulate dental treatments, facial surgeries and orthognathic surgery. Among them we highlight:
    • The Symplant Planner allows us to view the patient’s scanner in three dimensions with advantages such as getting an exact idea of what the patient’s jaws are like and thus planning the most appropriate treatment.
    • The Smile Design, with it we design the best smile for each patient and we can show it to them. It is a visual tool that facilitates communication with the patient in cosmetic dental treatments.
    • Networked computer system that has terminals in each office and office.
  • WiFi for patient use.
  • Audiovisual system with plasma screen.
  • Continuous training room for conducting courses and conferences.
  • Room takes photographs and videos, necessary to plan treatments and verify the evolution of the patient.
  • Autonomous generator (UPS) that connects automatically in case of electrical failure, ensuring normal operation of the clinic for several hours.

We use

  • Disposable, single-use materials.
  • Single-use protectors for non-expendable material.
  • Liquid disinfection of work surfaces and contact with the patient.
  • Spore control
  • EPIS

Why have an operation at Birbe Clinic?

We are specialists in designing faces and smiles.


At Birbe Clinic we have a great team, mentored by Dr. Joan Birbe, with more than 20 years of experience treating patients; always up to date with news and selecting the innovations that really bring improvements to our treatments. As in the case of virtual simulations of facial surgeries, intraoral scanners, customization of facial prostheses, the use of the microscope, etc.

Dr. Joan Birbe

Dr. Joan Birbe
Joan Birbe
Maxillofacial Surgeon

We help you carry out the intervention you need

After a rigorous evaluation we will offer you a personalized and closed estimate with all the necessary forms of payment and financing, so that you can carry it out.


Our priority is to achieve excellence in treatment. All this with a personalized, honest and trustworthy treatment. In addition, our facilities offer maximum hygiene, sterilization and comfort.


Find out what they think of us!

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Contact us during our business hours of:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8.00h to 16.00h.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.00h to 18.00h.
  • Phone Number: +34 93 212 47 37.


Outside of our business hours you can send us a WhatsApp or a form and we will answer you as soon as possible. Being located in Barcelona, ​​we receive patients from all over the national and international territory.


During your first consultation we will provide you with:


Personal diagnosis by oral and facial examination.

✔ Closed estimate with different financing possibilities.

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