What is otoplasty?

There are various indications for modifying the shape of the ears. Ragged lobes, large ears that can be made smaller, but the most typical otoplasty is the one that treats the so-called “puff ears”.


They are those ears that are widely separated from the head, in the “Dumbo” style that often have a poorly defined shape at the level of its upper part, being flat instead of having a fold called a helix.

In these cases we treat both alterations. On the one hand, we reduce the shell, which is the cartilage that keeps the ear separate from the head. On the other hand, we shape the upper part of the earlobe, creating a helix, the anatomical fold that we all have.

Surgical Steps

  • At the first visit, the surgeon takes a timely medical history and conducts an exploration of the ears. In front of a mirror and with the simple maneuver of folding or bringing the ears together towards the head, the patient will be able to transmit what he wants.
  • Depending on the needs of the patient, his concerns and his expectations, the surgeon will advise him on the most appropriate technique to apply, as well as the results he can obtain.
  • The surgery can be done under local anesthesia, with an incision hidden behind the ear. Each ear lasts approximately 30 min, and the stitches retract after 10 days. During the initial postoperative phase, we recommend wearing an elastic band keeping the ears close to the head.
  • Once the sutures are removed, you can now exercise and lead a normal life.
  • Postoperative medication consists of anti-inflammatories and disinfectants, and later healing moisturizers.

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