What is a facelift?

The lifting or facelift is the rejuvenation surgery par excellence. Treats the face and neck, and is commonly associated with other lifts such as the browlift or lip lift. It is also often associated with blepharoplasty to rejuvenate the look.


The facelift can have different extensions, which makes us sometimes speak of a mini-lift in the case of small facelifts. The incision is camouflaged between the hairs and behind the ear, so that you can wear a ponytail without anyone knowing that you have made one.

Types of facelift

There are different types of tissues to treat under the skin.

It is the SMAS or Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System, which is a membrane that covers the muscles of the face. Ideally, this SMAS should also be stretched, thus achieving maximum natural facial expression as well as maximum durability of the surgical treatment. There is also the deep lift, which is precisely one that stretches the muscles of the face below, thus achieving spectacular rejuvenation results.

Surgical Steps

The surgery can be done with intravenous sedation and on an outpatient basis. The sutures are gradually removed between days 7 and 10. Socially it is important that you organize your schedule for at least a couple of weeks. The result is especially visible from the end of the second week, and from there, it improves and takes definition up to 3 months after the intervention.


The presurgical assessment consists of a photographic study and analysis of the areas to be treated: neck, jowls, cheeks, nasolabial folds, cheeks. Based on this analysis we determine the best type of lifting for you.


It is especially important to ensure the best possible healing not to smoke, not to take medications that prolong coagulation (aspirin) and to control your pressure well if you are hypertensive.

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