Composite Veneers

What are composite veneers?

Feeling good with your own smile is a most common desire. We all want to be able to face any moment with a very attractive smile. In this sense, cosmetic dental treatments are important to correct misaligned, crowded, darkened or aged teeth.


Composite is a resin material used in dental aesthetics in a common way that has multiple advantages. You will be interested to know that the composite is not a single white color, but there are many different shades. As a result, the appropriate composite shade can be selected based on the color of the patient’s teeth. All this is recorded in the patient’s medical history so that, in the event of a fracture, it can be easily repaired.

How does the dentist know the veneer you need?

The doctor can know the type of dental veneer that the patient needs as a result of the creation of a smile design elaborated through a series of photographs that are taken in a first visit and some alginate models for the subsequent elaboration of the veneers. . We call this process smile design, simulation or mock-up.


Nothing happens because the composite can be modified in the same visit. In addition, dental veneers made with this material are a reversible treatment, so in the event that the patient wants to stop having these veneers, they can be extracted without problem. At Birbe Clinic we are specialists in smile design. That is why we encourage you to discover our dental aesthetic rehabilitation treatments and their advantages. We are interested in you; we are honest, professional and we seek your well-being. Tell us how you would like to SMILE.

Advantages of composite

Remember that, once the composite is placed, dental hygiene should be the same as in the rest of the mouth. And not only that, but an annual review with the dentist should also be carried out to observe that the material is still in good condition. Specifically, in the use of composite veneers, one of the great advantages is that the doctor can mold the material to the desired shape and, later, fix it using adhesion techniques and the application of halogen light. All this, in the same session and without the need for the intervention of a prosthetic laboratory, the main reasons why the price of composite veneers is cheaper than ceramic or porcelain veneers.

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We are specialists in designing faces and smiles.


At Birbe Clinic we have a great team, mentored by Dr. Joan Birbe, with more than 20 years of experience treating patients; always up to date with news and selecting the innovations that really bring improvements to our treatments. As in the case of virtual simulations of facial surgeries, intraoral scanners, customization of facial prostheses, the use of the microscope, etc.


Our priority is to achieve excellence in treatment. All this with a personalized, honest and trustworthy treatment. In addition, our facilities offer maximum hygiene, sterilization and comfort.


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