What is Mandibular Retrognathism?

Also known as “Short Mandibula”, it is produced by the lack of growth of the jaw, which causes retrognathia or mandibular hypoplasia. It is typically associated with a class II dental malocclusion, with increased separation between the upper and lower teeth (increased overhang). Facially, it is associated with lack of projection of the chin, lack of definition of the jaw angles, and eversion of the lower lip. There are several facial patterns with a short jaw: long face and open bite, short face and overbite, for example.

It is the cause of chewing problems, accelerated tooth wear, accelerated temporo-mandibular joint wear, gum recession, decreased chewing efficiency and power, and often respiratory problems when sleeping, with snoring and Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

In the growth phase, you can try to stimulate the growth of the jaw with braces. But it is not always achieved, and the treatment ends up being orthognathic surgery. 

Surgical Steps

Sometimes we can focus surgical treatment on a simple jaw advance. It is a simple osteotomy of the jaw that is done on an outpatient basis in a surgery of about 45 min. Although we correct dental malocclusion, it may be that the amount of mandibular advancement that allows the position of the teeth of the upper jaw is insufficient for the facial change necessary to correct the deformity. For this reason, it is common to perform bimaxillary orthognathic surgery.


In this surgical option, we plan the ideal position of the upper jaw in relation to the projection of the forehead, nose, chin, and the number of upper incisors that we want to be visible with the lips at rest. Next, we position the jaw to articulate with the maxilla in this ideal position. Finally, we modify the occlusal and mandibular plane as necessary, making hourly or counterclockwise rotations of the same. Very frequently, orthognathic surgery for retrognathia is associated with a mentoplasty, to improve the projection of the chin and the aesthetics of the lower lip and the mentocervical area.


Treatment for mandibular rheumatism begins with a comprehensive facial analysis, photographic study, and facial scan. Once the pre-surgical orthodontic phase is completed, these records allow us to carry out a virtual planning of the treatment, and print the CAD-CAM surgical splints that allow to faithfully reproduce the virtual planning in the patient.

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