Facial Feminization

What is Facial Feminization?

It is surgery to feminize a face, both in the context of a facial harmonization surgery and in the context of a gender reassignment surgery.

Each case is special, as different features predominate on each face that must be treated. The different areas that can be modified during an FFS are:

  • Front
  • Hair implantation and transplant line
  • Nose
  • Lips
  • Cheekbones
  • Lower jaw and chin
  • Trachea (Neck Nut)

Modifications according to the area to be treated


The modification of the forehead is the frontoplasty and consists of softening the features of the male forehead, thus resembling the female. To do this, the supraorbital ridge is smoothed, and the frontal sinus is often diminished. The incision is hidden between the hair

Hair implantation and transplantation

In men, hair implantation tends to be more posterior, which is why we often advance the hair implantation line, thus reducing the size and convexity of the forehead. If necessary, we do hair transplants to cover alopecic areas and transform the implantation line.


Feminization rhinoplasty requires a smoother, sometimes concave back, a narrow and fine nasal tip, and a higher nasolabial angle.


Males typically develop more prominent thyroid cartilage. It is necessary to smooth it through a "shaving". The incision is hidden under the chin.


Techniques such as lip lift and lip augmentation to feminize are often necessary.


The shape of the male cheekbone is different from that of the female cheekbone, the latter being softer. We access the cheekbones through intraoral incisions at the implantation line.

Lower Jaw and Chin

The mandibuloplasty aims to reduce the width of the mandibular angles, while smoothing them. The chin should end up being more ovoid, less quadrangular, and with a smaller projection than in the male. These are the goals of the FFS mentoplasty. The incisions are hidden inside the mouth.

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