Dr. Joan Birbe

Dr. Joan Birbe Foraster

Director of Birbe Clinic

  • Graduate in medicine and surgery, Universitat de Barcelona. 
  • Extraordinary Prize for Bachelor of Medicine (1991). 
  • Degree in Dentistry, Universitat de Barcelona (1994). 
  • Doctor of medicine and surgery, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona “Cum Laude” (1997). 
Pepa Compas Clínica Birbe

Dra. Pepa Campás

Management and Adm. Birbe Clinic

  • Degree in Dentistry, Universidad Central de Barcelona. 
  • Practice in General Dentistry (Endodontics and Periodontics, 1991). 
  • Training in Advanced Endodontics and Use of the MicroscopeDr. Borja Zabalegui (2000, Bilbao). 
  • Practice in Exclusive Endodontics, (2000, Barcelona). 
  • Full Member of AEDE (Spanish Society of Endodontics). 

Dr. Jaime Guinovart

Prosthodontics and Aesthetic Dentistry. Oral Rehabilitation.

  • Degree in Dentistry, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2014, Barcelona). 
  • Master in Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry, UIC (2014 to 2016, Barcelona). 
  • Collaborating Professor of the MORE master degree, UIC (2016 to present). 
  • Founder and Partner of the Oral View group.  
  • Lecturer at the national level. 
Dr. Manuel Cabezas Clínica Birbe

Dr. Manuel Cabezas

Periodontics (Gum Disease)

  • Degree in Dentistry, Universidad Alfonso X el Sabio (Madrid). 
  • Master in Periodontics and Implants, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (Barcelona). 
  • Official Master’s Degree in Clinical Research and Materials in Dentistry, UIC (Barcelona). 
  • Master in Advanced Dental Aesthetics, UIC (Barcelona). 
Dra. Joana Planas Clínica Birbe

Dra. Joana Planas


  • Bachelor of Dentistry, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (2006-2011, Barcelona). 
  • Master in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, UIC (2012-2015, Barcelona). 
  • Postgraduate in Orthognathic Surgery and Surgical Orthodontics, UIC (2014-2015, Barcelona). 
  • Doctor accredited by Align Technology for the use of the Invisible Orthodontic System, INVISALIGN. 

Dra. Pepa Campás

Gerencia y Adm. Clínica Birbe

Dr. Jaime Guinovart

Prótesis y Estética Dental. Rehabilitación Oral.

Dr. Manuel Cabezas


Dra. María Quintana


Dra. Joana Planas



Roser Vidal Roldós Clínica Birbe

Roser Vidal Roldós


  • Diploma in Physiotherapy, Universitat Autònoma Barcelona (1999-2003). 
  • Craniocervical pathophysiology 
  • Craniomandibular Pathophysiology 
  • Orofacial pain 
  • Courses for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and facial pain 
  • Courses for the diagnosis and treatment of Temporomandibular disorders. 

Roser Vidal Roldós


Dental assistants and hygienist

Rebeca Díaz

Rebeca Díaz

Dental assistant

Sonia Granado Higienista dental

Sonia Granado

Dental hygienist

Hello, I am Sonia Granado, a certified dental hygienist with more than 20 years of experience in dentistry. My evolution as a hygienist has always been enriching. My purpose is to take care of people and their oral health, since maintaining good oral health is very important for your health in general.


My treatments are totally individualized, with the best dental hygiene technique, personalized for each patient, including the reinforcement and education of daily dental hygiene, answering the questions that the patient raises. Performing dental prophylaxis with the frequency adapted to each patient, I detect and diagnose pathologies at their initial point, with which the treatment is less invasive and greater evils are avoided.

Healthy, clean teeth and gums are vital structures of a beautiful and pleasant smile.


Always with a smile and listening to the people who give us the opportunity to improve their health.

A big hug to those who give us their trust, and to all those who want to improve by our side !! “

auxiliar dental Clinica Birbe

Mireia Zambrano

Dental assistant

Susanna Sanz

Auxiliar dental y
protésico dental

Rebeca Díaz

Auxiliar dental

Administration team

Marta Lopez Clínica Birbe

Marta Lopez

Treatment Coordinator

Marta Font Clínica Birbe

Marta Font


Marta López

Coordinadora de tratamientos

Vanessa Padín

Coordinadora de Tratamientos

Marta Font


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Contact us during our business hours of:

  • Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8.00h to 16.00h.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday from 8.00h to 18.00h.
  • Phone Number: +34 93 212 47 37.


Outside of our business hours you can send us a WhatsApp or a form and we will answer you as soon as possible. Being located in Barcelona, ​​we receive patients from all over the national and international territory.


During your first consultation we will provide you with:


Personal diagnosis by oral and facial examination.

✔ Closed estimate with different financing possibilities.

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