What is Orthognathic Surgery?

Orthognathic surgery corrects the size and position of the facial bones according to the teeth (upper jaw and jaw) in order to achieve a correct relationship between them.

This implies three fundamental things:

  • Achieving a correct dental occlusion.
  • Correcting facial disproportions such as long or short, narrow or broad face, gummy smile or retrusive profile.
  • Functionally, it allows better breathing, by increasing the diameter of the airway. It is the only surgery that can cure Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

What types of orthognathic surgery exist?

Depending on the bones that we treat in surgery, upper jaw, jaw or chin, we will talk about:

  • Monomaxillary surgery

In mono-maxillary surgery we only mobilize either the upper jaw or the mandible. This implies that we assume a correct position of the maxilla that we do not operate, and that the movement to be carried out is adequate to be corrected with the mobilization of a single maxilla. Facially the changes it produces are less than in bimaxillary surgery.


When the palate is narrow and causes a crossbite, we can segment the upper jaw to widen it. We speak of it as a segmented maxillary surgery. It can be both in the context of monomaxillary and bimaxillary surgery


  • Bimaxillary surgery 

In a bimaxillary surgery we mobilize both the upper jaw and the mandible. It implies that we have the freedom to decide the ideal position of the upper jaw and “match” the mandible with this ideal position of the upper jaw. It also allows not only linear movements (forward or backward, up or down) but also rotational movements (maxillo-mandibular clockwise or anticlockwise rotation).

Surgical Steps

This surgery, also called orthofacial, normalizes the proportions of the face while achieving a good chewing and respiratory function.


Surgery is performed by moving the upper jaw, cheekbones and jaw-chin, always through the mouth, without any scar on the face. When a person exhibits facial disharmony, Dr. Birbe first analyzes the face and the patient’s smile and occlusion. He then outlines the most appropriate surgical plan for his needs.

What treatments do we carry out?

Sleep Apnea

Eliminate snoring and improve breathing. Improves your night's rest definitively.

Facial Asymmetry

Look for naturalness and facial harmony

Open Bite

In order to chew and bite, the mouth must be able to close. The upper teeth should contact the lower ones


Jaws that have grown too large, how do we correct it?

Mandibular Retrognathia

Small jaws, usually accompanied by a double chin and lack of chin.

Narrow Palate

Its correction improves the midface and prevents nasal speech.

Gummy Smile

Teach the correct gum height so that your smile is perfect.

Orthognathic Surgery Guide

Here is a guide for anyone who is interested in orthognathic surgery treatment, we want it to help you understand what it is and how you can improve your quality of life and that of the people around you.

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