Tumors in head, neck and mouth

What are tumors?

Resective and reconstructive surgery for its treatment.


Mouth, head and neck tumors are more frequent than we imagine. Oral cancer, closely related to tobacco, alcohol and certain viruses, is very common in our society. The earlier the diagnosis, the less mutilating the treatment and the greater the chances of a total cure. If you detect an injury that you did not have, or a lump in the neck, consult us immediately to rule out malignant injuries.

Typology of tumors

Other structures that can cause tumors are the salivary glands. The three largest are the parotid, submaxillary, and sublingual glands. Any change in size in them, or the appearance of lumps in the neck (lymph node) should be a reason for immediate consultation. Diagnosis must be anatomical, by MRI or CT, and biological, by biopsy or FNA (fine needle puncture). Based on the results of the tests, a treatment plan is established.


Maxilla and mandible can also have cysts and tumors. They often have a dental origin, that is, they originate in tissues present in the teeth. They can be benign, locally aggressive with a tendency to recur, or malignant. Before deciding the surgery to perform, we must have a pathological diagnosis, by means of a biopsy.

Our Methodology

All head and neck tumor injuries may require surgeries that leave a defect. This defect will be reconstructed using different reconstructive techniques, with two purposes, restoration of function and form, to avoid functional and aesthetic sequelae.

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