Surgical Orthodontics

What is Surgical Orthodontics?

It is the orthodontics of choice when orthognathic surgery of the jaws is necessary. That is, not only is there a dental malocclusion, but there is a bad position of the jaws, the bones where the teeth are. This skeletal malposition cannot be solved only with orthodontics, hence the need for a combined orthodontic treatment (called for that reason surgical) and orthognathic surgery. The teeth are aligned and placed in an optimal position so that with orthognathic surgery the bones fit perfectly.


Orthognathic surgery is the surgery that is responsible for correcting maxillofacial deformities by moving the bones of the upper jaw, jaw and chin. It is indicated when there are very severe problems of class II (small jaw), class III (large jaw), vertical problems (open bites or gummy smiles) or facial asymmetries, which cannot be solved only with orthodontics.


In surgical orthodontics, conventional brackets are usually used for their greater precision, although it always depends on each case.

To take into account

It is a treatment that usually lasts about 18-24 months in total.


The first phase of treatment consists of preparing the teeth for surgery, which takes approximately 6 to 10 months. Once we have the teeth in the desired position, the patient undergoes orthognathic surgery.


In the last phase of the treatment, the post-surgical one, there will be another 9 months left where the orthodontist will finish setting the occlusion of the two jaws.


In some cases, an early surgery or Surgery Early can be performed where the orthodontic pre-surgical preparation is very short or practically non-existent (Surgery First).


These cases would be the simplest in terms of orthodontic preparation and the total treatment time would be less.


One of the advantages of Surgery Early is that the patient sees the aesthetic and functional results from the beginning.

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