Narrow Palate

What is S.A.R.P.E. or Narrow Palate?

A narrow palate can cause breathing, chewing, and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems. If detected before growth is complete, it can be widened with orthodontic appliances. A posterior crossbite dental occlusion is typical. In other words, the lower teeth pass outside the upper ones, when the normal thing is the other way around.


If detected in adulthood, the treatment is usually surgical and opt for the Sarpe surgical technique.


If it is a narrow palate due to the inclination of the upper jaw teeth towards the palate, surgically assisted orthodontics can be a good and quick solution. It consists of placing orthodontic brackets and making holes in the bone of the teeth to be moved (corticotomies). These perforations weaken the bone and decrease the resistance to orthodontic movement, so that the total duration of treatment is two or three times shorter than usual and in a few months the orthodontic treatment can be completed.

Types of Narrow Palate

  1. If the narrow palate is due to the jawbone being narrow, and there is no longer the possibility of widening it with orthodontic appliances, the treatment is surgical and we have two techniques: SARPE and segmented Lefort I.

  2. If the only movement to perform is a widening of the palate, SARPE is the ideal technique. It is an intervention that is done under local anesthesia and on an outpatient basis. It consists of performing corticotomies in the areas most resistant to expansion. Previously, a device called a circuit breaker is placed the day before surgery, which will be activated a week after the intervention. This device allows the palate to be progressively widened, usually within 1 to 2 weeks. Once the palate has widened, the teeth are orthodontically moved to the ideal position, solving the crossbite.

When is it necessary to do Orthognathic Surgery?

If, in addition to a narrow palate, there are alterations in the other dimensions of the space (retruded or long maxilla, retruded or long mandible) the solution will be segmented orthognathic surgery.


That is, upper jaw surgery (LefortI) is done with cuts between the vertical teeth (generally in front of the canines) in such a way that we can move the jaw in three dimensions of space, including widening it transversely. For more information, visit our orthognathic surgery section.

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