Plastic Surgery

What is the Facial Plastic Surgery?

Feel comfortable with ourselves.

Satisfied and calm with our facial appearance so that we can forget about it. That is what facial cosmetic surgery deals with. And it is not the same for everyone, because you have to take into account age, cultural environment, personal preferences (what we would like) and the starting point of each one. There are general beauty canons, proportions established between the different structures of the face that serve as a guide to talk with the patient and agree on what is best in their case.


Maxillofacial surgeons, thanks to their knowledge of facial, cranial and oral anatomy, are medical specialists who are well prepared to perform facial cosmetic surgery interventions that involve both functional and aesthetic aspects of the face, mouth, teeth and jaws. Through hidden incisions inside the mouth, nose or eyelids, they can transform the entire face.

Surgical Steps

The harmony between appearance and facial function is necessary and the maxillofacial surgeon, with his training and training in surgeries that involve skin, muscles, bones and cartilage, endorse it. It is necessary to differentiate between the treatments that seek to harmonize the face and those that treat the signs of aging.

Today, practically all the facial cosmetic surgery treatments that we perform at Birbe Clinic are with local anesthesia, intravenous sedation and do not need hospitalization, they are outpatient. They are minimally invasive surgeries and the incisions are perfectly located so that they do not leave visible scars.


Thanks to the cryotherapy mask and our cranial and facial physiotherapist unit, we achieve gentle postoperative periods, with minimal edema and a better and faster recovery.

What treatments do we do?


The cheekbones you've always wanted are achieved like this.


A brighter look and rested appearance.

Lip Surgery

Are the lips you would like to have possible?

Facial Feminization (FFS)

Soften your features.

Facial Implants

Customized facial prostheses to intensify your features.

Facial Lifting

Rejuvenate your face by eliminating wrinkles permanently.

Bone Lifting

Change the proportions of your face.


Tell us which jaw you would like to have and we will explain ways to get it.


The chin you want in less than an hour.


Ears with the appropriate size and projection to your face.

Facial Rejuvenation

How to eliminate or alleviate the signs of aging.


One of the most requested cosmetic facial surgeries.

Our Recommendations

Why have an operation at Birbe Clinic?

We are specialists in designing faces and smiles.


At Birbe Clinic we have a great team, mentored by Dr. Joan Birbe, with more than 20 years of experience treating patients; always up to date with news and selecting the innovations that really bring improvements to our treatments. As in the case of virtual simulations of facial surgeries, intraoral scanners, customization of facial prostheses, the use of the microscope, etc.

We help you carry out the intervention you need

After a rigorous evaluation we will offer you a personalized and closed estimate with all the necessary forms of payment and financing, so that you can carry it out.

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Outside of our business hours you can send us a WhatsApp or a form and we will answer you as soon as possible. Being located in Barcelona, ​​we receive patients from all over the national and international territory.


During your first consultation we will provide you with:


Personal diagnosis by oral and facial examination.

✔ Closed estimate with different financing possibilities.

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