Gummy Smile

What is a Gummy Smile?

The gummy smile is the excess exposure of the gum when smiling. There are several causes and therefore several treatments depending on the cause.


When the gummy smile is slight, that is, no more than 2-3 mm of gum is shown when smiling, and also the level of the gum in relation to the crown of the teeth is low, we can solve the gummy smile, treating the gingiva using a technique called crown lengthening. What we do is reduce the amount of gum that covers the tooth (that is why we do it when the gum covers the tooth too much) so that we reduce the gummy smile between 2 and 4 mm.

When is it necessary to do Orthognathic Surgery?

In cases of larger gummy smile, more than 3 mm, and especially if it is associated with lip incompetence (the lips do not touch at rest without having to contract the chin) and a retruded jaw, the ideal solution is orthognathic surgery. In these cases, the upper jaw is repositioned upwards, the amount of mm that we want to reduce the gummy smile. It is also usually associated with a forward movement of the maxilla, the mandible and often an anticlockwise rotation of the maxilla and mandible.

Hypermobile and short lip

Another cause of a gummy smile is a hypermobile and short lip. This is a patient who has very powerful lip muscles, which makes the lip rise more than normal when smiling, showing too much gum. In this case it is essential to measure the length of the lip to know if it is short or normal. Hypermobile lips that cause a gummy smile can be treated by weakening the orbicularis oris muscle with neuromodulatory toxin (Botox®).


As you can see, it is not so easy to know the best way to treat a gummy smile without having assessed all these parameters. During your visit, we will assess the best treatment option for your gummy smile and we will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

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