What dental and aesthetic solutions can we offer you?

Sometimes certain patients do not know exactly what type of treatment they need to meet their needs. At Birbe Clinic, we have dental and aesthetic solutions that cover maxillofacial, oral and orthognathic surgeries, cosmetic surgeries and dental specialties, both orthodontic and implant treatments, as well as dental.You may not recognize the treatment due to its technicality, therefore, below, we will explain a series of solutions depending on the problem you suffer from.

Dental Solutions: Loss of Teeth

We have 32 teeth in our mouth. We may be missing from a single tooth to all of them, going through many intermediate situations. Practically, the possible dental solutions to replace teeth in each case are the same. There are different scenarios to carry out the treatment depending on: the location of the missing tooth, the quality and quantity of the jawbone, the number of missing teeth or the material used to make the false teeth.In our infantile-adolescent age we lose our milk teeth, which is a natural process, and by around 18 years all the permanent teeth have already erupted. In adulthood, we should keep our teeth healthy and have good cleaning habits to avoid their losses.However, when we lose some of our teeth, which in many cases can be unavoidable, there are a number of dental solutions that can help us. Here we present the appropriate solutions for the most typical problems of tooth loss.

Mandibular Prognathism

Jordi had visited another clinic to treat his case of Mandibular Prognathism, the solution they proposed was not to his confidence, so he went to the Birbe Clinic to try to find the best alternative.

Open Bite Case

Sergio is a boy who came to Birbe Clinic through his orthodontist due to an open bite problem. Sergio was treated with orthodontics in his teens and had a recurrence over the years, since Sergio’s case was not only orthodontic, but also surgical.

Upper Jaw Case

After years of periodontal disease, finally Ana’s upper incisors could not be saved. They were replaced by two implants, and the problem was solved. Ana is delighted.

Loss of Several tooth

Loss of Several tooth People who have lost several teeth decide to try replacing them many times for purely cosmetic reasons, especially for anterior teeth.

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Dental problems

The loss of teeth is not the only problem that we encounter throughout our lives. Therefore, at Birbe Clinic we are at your disposal to help you find the best dental and aesthetic solutions.Whatever your dental problem, we are here to solve it. If you do not find the dental treatment you need among those that we show you, contact us and we will inform you. Your smile will thank you.

Worn teeth

Worn teeth Worn Teeth   We can give them their original shape and size with veneers and composites. The causes that cause dental wear (bruxism, gastric


Included Teeth

Included Teeth What are included teeth? Sometimes the teeth fail to erupt in the mouth, once they are formed inside the jaws, being included within them.


Dark Teeth

Dark Teeth Solution to Dark teeth 1. External Bleaching By applying a gel on the teeth and activating it with heat, laser or ultraviolet light, we


Stained teeth

Stained teeth Sometimes permanent teeth erupt with stained enamel. These spots can be white (like chalk) or brown. They are caused by alterations in enamel mineralization


Small Teeth

Small Teeth Small teeth (disproportion with what is shown of the gum)   Corrective gingivectomy or crown lengthening Indicated in those cases in which the smile


Aesthetic Solutions

You may be looking to solve a problem that is not related to your teeth. If this is the case and there is an area of your body that is a problem for you, we can help you find the appropriate aesthetic solutions for you. Our team specialized in cosmetic surgery will advise you personally.These are some of the most common problems that our patients consult us. If you have another one, don’t hesitate to contact us. We listen to you.

Big Ears

Big Ears What are big ears? We call large ears to ears with a size greater than what would correspond in relation to the skull and


Puff Ears

Puff Ears What are puff ears? Puff ears are ears naturally, but in a position in relation to the head that is too far from the

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