Big Ears

What are big ears?

We call large ears to ears with a size greater than what would correspond in relation to the skull and the face of the individual. They are ears with a natural shape, a correct position in relation to the head (they do not protrude from the side) but with an abnormal dimension, disproportionate to the patient’s head.


Surgical techniques and maneuvers to perform otoplasties vary according to the characteristics of each ear and the results we want to obtain.


It is frequently associated with a puff ear. These are ears naturally, but in a position in relation to the head too far away from it (they protrude from the side).


There are different techniques to bring the ears in a puff to the head, taking advantage of the back area of ​​the ear and the natural folds of the ear, in such a way that the incisions are camouflaged in said folds or in the back of the ear, becoming invisible, they are perfectly concealed.


The main change that we will achieve with Otoplasty is the normalization of the shape of your ears, the improvement of their position and size in relation to the rest of the head.


The result is a natural ear in shape, position and size. At Birbe Clinic we carry out simulations of the otoplasty result the day of your first consultation. 3D simulations are an essential tool for understanding between the surgeon and the patient. The patient tells us about his wishes, we translate them into the simulation and from there we agree on the result we want to achieve. Based on this, the otoplasty is meticulously planned. Detailed intervention planning is essential.

What is the process to follow to treat large ears?


  1. Contact us to book an appointment.
  2. We do the 3D simulation on the day of your first visit.
  3. Otoplasty, which is the operation of large ears, can be performed on an outpatient basis without hospital admission, with intravenous sedation. It is usually an intervention lasting around 30 min for each ear. The patient then goes to a recovery box and later returns to his home.
  4. The local inflammation lasts between 4 and 7 days.
  5. Post otoplasty control visits are at a week, at 3 weeks and at 3 months. We like to see our patients in the medium and long term.


How much does the treatment of large ears cost at Birbe Clinic?

The cost varies depending on the treatment applied: it ranges between € 1,500 and € 3,500. We are medical professionals, it is our vocation. We have clinical cases to show you and a recognized professional who will dedicate the time you need. Our prices are competitive, maintaining the necessary quality levels to guarantee surgeries as what they are, medical treatments.


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