Facial Asymmetry

What is facial Asymmetry?

No one is perfectly symmetrical. If we do a detailed facial analysis, we will see that there are asymmetries all over the world, at the level of implantation of the ears, the position of the orbits, the chin or the midline.


There are very obvious asymmetries that make our face look unnatural and that require correction. This correction is made by orthognathic surgery or in mild cases by surgical camouflage.

Orthognathic Surgery

Correction by orthognathic surgery usually consists of a bimaxillary surgery, centering the mandible, maxilla and upper in the three dimensions of space and in the three planes of space. We center the facial midline with the dental line, also level the maxilla and mandible (correction of the canting), and adjust the occlusal plane. Finally, we will study asymmetries of the chin and correct them by means of a mentoplasty.


In this type of orthognathic asymmetry correction surgery we always carry out a virtual planning of the surgery that offers us great precision in the study of the ideal position of the jaws. This virtual planning will be reproduced intraoperatively thanks to the CAD CAM surgical splints that we will have printed, and in which the teeth occlude correctly only if we have perfectly reproduced the previously planned movements.

Surgical camouflage

In cases of facial asymmetries with good dental occlusion, we can perform surgical camouflage techniques such as mentoplasties, placement of facial implants at the jaw or cheekbones level, or lipofilling. In this case, an exhaustive facial analysis, photographic study, and facial scan are performed, as in cases of orthognathic surgery. A facial side is taken as a reference and the mirror image of that side of the face is made on the opposite side.


Thus, we reveal the differences at the skeletal level at the jaw or cheekbones level and this difference in volume translates into a personalized facial implant that will be placed intraorally with local anesthesia and sedation. It is a minimally invasive surgery with rapid postoperative recovery.

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