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Dental aesthetic


Birbe’s Clinic wants to offer you information about the dental porcelain micro veneers. To have an attractive and perfect smile despite having misaligned, damaged, or

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Paciente de mentoplastia

Advancement genioplasty

Advancement genioplasty is a small intervention that is done through a small incision inside the mouth, at the level of the inferior lip. Surgery and planning

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Cirugía ortognática Barcelona
Orthognathic surgery

Risks of Orthognatic Surgery

If this sentence is going through your head: “I will undergo an orthognathic surgery and I want to know the risks there are” Well, let’s

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nariz grande

Rhinoplasty without surgery

It’s possible to do a rhinoplasty without surgery with excellent results thanks to a minimally invasive tecnique and the using of volumetric configuration suitable materials.

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