What are dental implants?

Dental implants are a safe alternative to restore missing or damaged teeth. Thanks to them we can replace missing teeth without damaging the ones next to them, without the need to carve them. The dental implant:

  • It has a shape similar to a “screw”
  • It is made of biocompatible material (titanium)
  • It replaces the root of a tooth that we have lost due to cavities, trauma, pyorrhea, or a tooth that did not form (agenesis)
  • They have varied sizes.


On top of the implant it is necessary to place 2 more components to have the missing tooth. These two components are:

  • The transepithelial abutment: intermediate piece that connects the implant with the crown that we see in the mouth.
  • The dental crown: this can be made of different materials.


Being made of a biocompatible material, usually titanium and with a rough surface, the dental implant minimizes the number of “rejections”. It is a safe and guaranteed treatment if the doctor performs it honestly. The rough surface of the implant is necessary for bone cells to adhere to it.

Surgical Steps

Provisional prostheses and crowns allow us to have the tooth from the day the implant is placed. They are made of special and perishable materials, essential to go with teeth from day one, but they have to be replaced by permanent crowns and bridges when the implants are fully osseointegrated. 


Surgical steps:

  • The implants are placed in the jawbones by surgery. An incision is made in the gum to expose the bone. A few stitches are necessary.
  • It is an atraumatic surgery, very careful with the bone, minimally invasive, with a comfortable postoperative period and easily controlled with medication.
  • A few months of osseointegration are necessary before placing the definitive dental crowns or bridges on top. In the upper jaw about 4 months and in the mandible about 2 or 3.


The maxillary and mandibular bone is essential.


We do not always have the optimal quantity and quality of bone for the placement of a dental implant. In these cases, complementary treatments such as bone grafts, preprosthetic surgery, bone regeneration, pterygoid implants and zygomatic implants are necessary. It is in these situations where a good diagnosis, careful treatment planning and the experience of the maxillofacial surgeon become especially important.

How much does a dental implant cost?

For everything previously explained and because they are permanent, dental implants are more expensive than other procedures to replace missing teeth.

It is not necessary or advisable to replace one implant per tooth.

At Clínica Birbe we always deliver several treatment options after conducting an in-depth study of the patient during their first visit, with the necessary diagnostic tests (X-rays, CT, intraoral scan, photographs, video) and after talking with him to know what his expectations are.

Typology of Dental Implants

24H Implants

Immediate prosthesis. Always with teeth.

Zygomatic Implants

When there is no maxillary bone left, zygomatic implants are the only option.

Bone Graft

To provide to the dental implants the bone that they need.

Dental Implant Guide

Here is a guide for anyone who is interested in a dental implant treatment, we want it to help you understand what Dental Implants are and how they can improve your quality of life and that of the people around you.

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