Upper Jaw Case

Case 1 – Loss of Upper Incisors

After years of periodontal disease, finally Ana’s upper incisors could not be saved. They were replaced by two implants, and the problem was solved. Ana is delighted.

Case 2 – Atrophic Upper Jaw

The jaw that has lost a lot of bone is called the atrophic jaw. Its rehabilitation requires careful planning which in this case we carry out virtually. First we operate virtual models and then we transfer this planning to the patient’s mouth. The result was excellent after making a bone graft and placing implants in the ideal positions.

Case 3 –  Upper and Lower Jaw

After years of wearing full dentures, bone is lost and implant placement can be more difficult. Simultaneously we place implants in the upper jaw and mandible, with a bone and gum graft to recover the lost volumes. Now function and aesthetics are much better… and the quality of life!

Case 4 – Simultaneous implants and rhinoplasty

Sometimes there are problems not only in the mouth. Here we had to rebuild the anterior teeth, but also rejuvenate the face of the patient. We did a rhinoplasty with the implant placement. The patient is delighted. It was a good decision.

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