Advancement genioplasty

Advancement genioplasty is a small intervention that is done through a small incision inside the mouth, at the level of the inferior lip.

Surgery and planning of genioplasty

It is done with local anesthesia and intravenous sedation, in an ambulatory way and the patient returns home after the intervention.

As the anterior zone of the jaw or chin has a great impact in the inferior lip’s shape, lip groove-mental and chin projection, this intervention is of particular interest when we want to alter these structures.

We plan the genioplasty with a photographic and a simulation of the facial profile obtained by the mentoplasty in the computer in a virtual way.

If the problem is in the anterior zone of the jaw, that is to say the chin, a simple mentoplasty can offer us very atractive changes in a very simple way.

The most common genioplasty consists of making a small osteotomy in the area of the chin we want to move. In the present case, about advancement mentoplasty, the movement of the chin will be forward. But always making sure that we’re not creating a chin too prominent. Once the chin has been moved into the wished position to obtain the facial change that we want to achieve, we fix it with microscrews made out of titanium, we sature the incision and we’re ready.

Other interventions

The genioplasty can also be combined with other facial interventions such as orthognathic surgery or rhinoplasty. The changes are more noticeable and it is a “facial makeover” specially indicated for those patients who wish to have great changes or facial rejuvenation.

The recovery is very quick and confortable. It usually consists of a small edema during the first 72h, easily controlable with antiinflammatories.

It’s not necessary to have important changes on your diet or on your daily life. We do reccomend not doing activities that can supose a shock on your chin during the first 4 weeks.

If you want a personal valoration of your case, don’t doubt it: call us!

Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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