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Our face has an enormous social impact. In fact, it is our presentation card in society.

Prognatismo mandibular antes y después
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Orthognathic surgery nowadays tends to have a more orthofacial approach, since it not only takes into account the bite and airway, but also face aesthetics. Having a background in both facial plastic surgery and orthognathic surgery allows us to cover a wide range of aesthetic options for our patients. We provide good advices in jaw surgery and facial plastic surgery. If you search to improve your facial traits, we can help you. May be you want to have sharper jaw angles, or change the height of your lower face, modify the amount of upper lip that covers the frontal two incisors, change your nose, either at the dorsum level or shape of the nostrils, better define your cheekbones, or the canthal tilt of your eyes, all these parameters can be specifically address with a comprehensive orthognathic aesthetically oriented approach. Of course, retrusion or biretrusion of upper and lower jaw, short or long face syndromes, ineffective chin or too long or short chins, all these can be address accomplishing a full aesthetically driven orthognathic approach.

Orthognathic operation: Birbe Clinic is the best option for you

If you want to change the appearance of your face, bring harmony to your facial structure and improve your health, the orthognathic surgery in Barcelona that we will perform at Clínica Birbe will allow you to achieve it. And you will do it through reference professionals in this specialization, who work in coordination with other disciplines to be able to provide excellent results in each treatment.

If you want more information, you can contact the clinic through our contact form, our phone number +34 932 124 737, or by sending us a WhatsApp to +34 626 852 363. Request your appointment! and put yourself in the best hands!

What are the phases of orthognathic surgery, before and after?

Before surgery, orthodontic treatment is necessary for a time so that, in this way, the teeth are in a correct position and aligned, and can then fit when the jaws are repositioned. However, previously, a study will be carried out to analyze the facial structure and decide which treatment is the most appropriate in order to achieve the

best results. It is the virtual planning of surgery or VSP (Virtual Surgical Planning) that allows us to perform surgery virtually on the computer, analyze the planning and once the movements have been optimized, print surgical splints that allow us to faithfully reproduce the previously planned movements. In addition, you will be able to see your surgery before performing it, with which you will perfectly understand the need to perform certain orthognathic movements.

During the intervention, the position and size of the maxillary bones will be modified. The surgery will be carried out under general anesthesia, and the patient will only have to be hospitalized between 24 and 48 hours, since the techniques used are minimally invasive and without external scars.

The patient must follow the post-surgical orthodontic treatment, in order to touch up the final details of the occlusion. At the end, retention appliances will be placed to prevent the teeth from shifting over time.

How is the recovery from orthognathic surgery in Barcelona?

As it is a rapid recovery treatment, the patient must return to their routine 10-15 days after the intervention. During the first month, the patient should follow a soft diet that allows him to eat without having to force his jaw.

What is the price of orthognathic surgery?

The price of this surgery will depend on each case. Depending on the patient’s condition, a shorter or longer orthodontic treatment will have to be done, and the surgery will be more or less complicated. The budget will be made once.

Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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