Postsurgical stability

We want to share with you a presentation where we explain you the importance of the stability after an orthognathic surgery.

Stability in the long run has been one of the greatest concern since the first days of the orthognathic surgery, due to the fact that the final result in the long run, aesthetical and functional, is directly related to the postsurgical stability.
The achievement of this 3D skeletal stability is a problem during the postsurgical period.
In this presentation you’ll find:
  • Introduction
  • Factors to gain the stability
  • Postsurgical recurrence
  • Stability depending on the treatment
  • Surgical widening of the maxillar
  • Principles that influence in the postsurgical stability
  • Stability in the long run
  • Stability open bite
  • Retention
  • Conclusion

In Birbe’s Clinic we are a clinic with exclusive dedication to the maxillofacial surgery and implantology. We have a human team at the forefront of our speciality, and some biotechnological facilities of last generation.

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