Rhinoplasty without surgery

It’s possible to do a rhinoplasty without surgery with excellent results thanks to a minimally invasive tecnique and the using of volumetric configuration suitable materials.

Rhinoplasty without surgery cases

Certain imperfections of the dorsum of the nose or tip of the nose, that need an increase in volume, can be dealt without surgery using the lipofilling tecnique, that consists on infiltrating the patient’s own fat, processed and ready to be infiltrated into the appropriate area.

The other option is using alloplastic filler material, hyaluronic acid type, the appropriate density to do this volumetric correction.

In some case we reccommend a minimally invasive approach through a small incision inside the nose, to make bigger corrections.

How do we do it?

This type of treatment we do it in Birbe’s Clinic, with a simple local anesthesia and in an ambulatory way. The postoperative is practically inexistent, no more than a small edema that does not stop you from carrying out normal life.

If you are thinking about a nose retouch, call us. We have the sollution you need.

Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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