Case Dental Veneer

“The Before” – The patient’s mouth before treatment

We received Helen, a 45-year-old girl …

Helen had darkened teeth with white spots from an antibiotic (tetracyclines) that she took as a child. She also had crowded teeth with receding gums.

She felt insecure / dissatisfied / uncomfortable with her smile.

When she came to our clinic, she was not very confident because she had previously been treated with teeth whitening, without achieving a good result.

She wanted to change the color of her teeth, but not the shape of her.

After analyzing and discussing your case …

In our clinic, the placement of 10 porcelain veneers was proposed to him once the orthodontic treatment was finished to align his teeth. His gums were also improved.

Obviously, simulations were made with provisionals (mock up) so that the patient could get an idea of the final result.

We manage to meet the patient’s expectations thanks to clinical knowledge, knowing the limits of treatments, dialogue with the patient and the team of professionals behind Birbe Clinic.

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