Lower Jaw Case

Case 1 – Lower Jaw

Typical situation in the jaw after years of wearing a poorly fitting prosthesis. Teeth and bone are lost. Fortunately, by strategically placing implants we were able to rehabilitate the masticatory function again and make the mandibular dentition new.

Case 2 – Lower and Upper Incisives

Leonardo had a very bad mouth. At the jaw level, the lower incisors were missing. At the level of the upper jaw, the teeth were periodontally terminal and were extracted, placing implants simultaneously. The result at both the mandibular and maxillary levels was very satisfactory, with a great change in the smile and even at the facial level.

Case 3 – Back Teeth

The posterior sectors of the jaw are very important for chewing from a functional point of view. It is where we make more force when chewing. Therefore, if teeth are missing at this level, the chewing function is severely limited. In this case, the molars could be reconstructed thanks to the placement of implants, thus not the chewing function.

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