Aesthetics or dental health?

A recently published study revels how the 80% of the people is more worried about their dental aesthetics than their dental health. In fact, every time the number of patient that come to clinics looking for whitening treatments is increasing, they also acquire products in pharmacies and big department stores to whiten their dental pieces.

Be careful!

It is important that these are used with caution because if there is no medical control, these acids can attack the enamel of the teeth and end up damaging it or even causing sensibility and killing the tooth nerve. Maybe part of the lack os responsibility comes from private companies that sell these products without giving away all the contraindications that may affect consumers.

Dental health first

Another fact that has alarmed us especially is the fact that more and more patients are which having gingivitis or periodontitis come to undergo teeth whitening treatment to hide it rather than intervene the damaged area and treat the disease before the aesthetic aspect.
The smile of a person must have a planning done by professionals that carry out both medical treatment labour in front of posible disease and dental aesthetic labour to show a perfect smile; but always without forgetting the importance of the oral health.
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Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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