Implants full mouth

In cases in which the natural teeth are in a very bad condition, or in patients without teeth for a long time, who have been carying complete prosthesis, the dental implants are a great solution that can change the life quality from a point of view both functional and psicological. The chewing and aesthetical function of the smile is regained and psicologically, the shames dissapear.

How can we carry out this treatment?

  • first of all we need to do a clinical history, identifying the risk factors and
  • a study of his/her face and mouth, with models, scanners and photos

This is useful to decide where we want to place the teeth respect the lip:

  • in a vertical aspect (quantity of teeth we want to show)
  • anteroposterior direction (amount of lip support that we give the lips).

Which type of prosthesis?

In Birbe’s Clinic, we also decide the type of prosthesis more indicated to his/her case as well as the number of implants to hold the prosthesis.

We’ll take some surgical decisions about how we’ll do the surgery.

  • Will it be with local anesthetics?
  • Will we also do an intravenous sedation?
  • Should we do any type os reconstruction with bone grafts or gum?
  • Will we do a guided surgery with the computer and minimally invasive?

It is very important to decide how we’re going to make the provisional prosthesis as we don’t want that our patients go without teeth at any given time.

  • Will we use the same prosthesis the patient is carrying?
  • Will we do a new one? will it lean on slaves teeth that will be taken off afterwards?
  • Will we do an immediate charge over implants?

It is also very important to analise the teeth that are going to occlude against the implants.

  • Will they be natural teeth?
  • Will they be teeth of a fixed prosthesis?
  • Will they be teeth supported by implants?

This will make us choose the type of material more appropiate to do your prosthesis.

If we follow carefully this decision-making tree, the plannification of the implants will be correct and the result satisfactory. This steps are the necessary also to be able to do a precise budget. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by prefixed prices without any previous studies. Would you accept building a house without a architect previous project? This simile helps to make you understand the importance of doing these previous steps.

If you need a valoration to place implants in your mouth, contact with us. You’ll have a serious and honest valoration.

Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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