About rhinoplasty

Maybe you’ve asked yourself if you should operate or not your nose to improve your appearance. Before anything, you have to bear in mid that the aesthetic surgery of the nose or rhinoplasty is a surgery intervention which modifies your nose’s shape, corrects the defects that it may present, being these natal or caused by an accident. It also can solve some respiratory problems. It’s one of the most realised surgical procedures in maxilofacial surgery and this tendence is growing between men.

What is the rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty consists of remodeling the bone and gristly skeleton of the nose to achieve a more armonic shape according to the patient’s factions. With this operation we can reduce or increase the nose’s size, shape, narrow the nose nostrils or change the angle between the nose and the superior lip with the goal to manage having a better armony without altering the person’s expression and personality. When, at the same time we can correct the nasal septum deviaton to improve the respiratory function, it’s called rhinoseptoplasty.

Who is the ideal patient?

The ideal patient for a rhinoplasty are those who want to improve their aspect and appearance. We’re talking about patients with a goo health, psicological stability and realistic expectatives. With the aesthetic surgery of the nose we can improve our self-esteem and our phisic. We won’t make us look like an other person or be treated differently. The communication between the doctor and the patient is very important before anything, you have to think whats is it that you want to obtain and explain it to the surgeon, so that he can give the patient some realistic expectatives.

Other operations at the same time?

In some cases the rhinoplasty can do simultaneously to a orthognatic surgery, if the facial bones (maxilla, jaw and chin) are not correctly positioned, or a mentoplasty. It’s fundamental the apropiate selection of the procedure to be followed in a simultaneous way to obtain the best functional and aesthetic result. Maxilofacial Barcelona, thanks to our new programs of 3D simulation and virtual surgery, we can do simulations that will help to understand the proposed changes.

After any facial intervention we have to wait a minimum of time (from 3 to 12 months) before value the operation result. This is the time which the tissues need to adapt themselves to the facial mask and musles and the scars to realise their maduration process.

Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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