Diabetes and oral health

The diabetes mellitus includes a group of metabolic diseases with altered carbohydrate metabolism, where glucose is underutilized and overproduced, leading to hyperglycemia (high blood glucose).

What types are there?

There are various types of diabetes depending on the etiology: the diabetes mellitus type 1 (can be immune or idiopathic) is usually caused by autoimmune destruction of pancreatic islet beta cells, so they do not synthesize and secrete insulin and accounts for 5-10% of cases; the type 2 (85-95% of the cases) is produced by a combination of resistence to the insuline and an inappropiate secration of itself; the gestational diabetes mellitus, appears in pregnancy (5-15% of pregnancies), with a similar type 2 behavior, and disappears after giving birth; and there are other specific forms, like the ones of genetic or infectious origin.

What consequences does it have?

In a long-run, the diabetic can develop several complications that may include retinopathy (which can lead to blindness), neuropathy (which can lead to renal failure), peripheral neuropathy (which can cause foot ulcers, amputations and joint problems), autonomic neuropathy (which can cause gastrointestinal symptoms, genitourinary, cardiovascular and sexual dysfunction). As well, there is an increase in the incidence of the atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular and peripheral arterial. It is also common the association with hypertension and abnormalies of the matabolism of the lipoproteins. Some investigators consider the periodontal diseases as other complication of the diabetes.

With what frequency does it appear?

The 13,8% of the spanish population (around 5,3 millions of people) older than 18, suffers from type 2 diabetes. The 6% of the spanish population has diabetes but hasn’t been diagnosed with it yet.

“…investigators consider that the periodontal diseases as another complication of the diabetes”

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