Enhancing Facial Aesthetics with Orthofacial Surgery

Our facial appearance holds significant importance, influencing our self-esteem and confidence. Achieving a balanced and harmonious face is a common aspiration for many. Orthofacial surgery emerges as a highly effective and enduring option for correcting facial aesthetic concerns, offering advanced and safe surgical techniques for transformative results.

Candidates for Facial Aesthetic Enhancement Surgery

Orthofacial surgery targets anomalies or deformities in facial structure to achieve facial harmony and functionality. It addresses discrepancies in the jaw or maxilla, dental malocclusions, and other issues related to facial bone positioning. While enhancing physical appearance is a primary objective, restoring essential functions such as biting and chewing is equally crucial. Ideal candidates include individuals with noticeable facial deformities, asymmetry, or significant bite problems, encompassing those with misaligned jaws, receding or prominent chins, and difficulties in oral function, breathing, and chewing.

Orthofacial surgery transcends cosmetic correction, aiming to optimize jaw and teeth function, thereby enhancing overall well-being.

Consultation and Treatment Planning

Consulting an experienced maxillofacial surgeon is pivotal in determining candidacy for orthofacial surgery. A thorough evaluation of facial structure and individual needs guides treatment decisions. The surgeon outlines the surgical procedure, benefits, and expected outcomes during personalized consultations, ensuring informed decision-making.

At Birbe Clinic, we prioritize patient education and thorough pre-surgical assessments to facilitate informed decisions and achieve satisfactory results.

Orthofacial Surgery: Procedure and Benefits

Following a comprehensive patient assessment, the surgeon meticulously plans the intervention. During surgery, intraoral incisions provide access to facial bones, allowing precise repositioning according to the pre-established plan. Fixation techniques, such as plates and screws, secure the bones in their new alignment.

Orthofacial surgery delivers significant aesthetic benefits, including:

– Enhancement of facial harmony
– Correction of facial asymmetry
– Jaw realignment
– Chin profiling
– Airway widening

By addressing both aesthetic concerns and functional impairments, orthofacial surgery enhances self-esteem, enabling patients to embrace their newfound facial appearance with confidence.


Orthofacial surgery offers a transformative solution for individuals seeking to improve facial aesthetics and address functional concerns. If you’re considering this procedure, please contact us for personalized consultation and comprehensive care. Reach us at +34 932 124 737, via WhatsApp at +34 626 852 363, or email us at clinica@birbe.org.

Article written by the Birbe Editorial Committee

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