Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty in Barcelona

The rhinoplasty is one of the facial aesthetic surgeries most requested by patients, this is because the patient has his own criteria and knows what he wants.

The fact that it is ultrasonic indicates that we perform it using a different technique for bone remodeling of the nasal dorsum: instead of the usual surgical instruments (file, chisel and hammer) we use the ultrasound (Piezosurgery). With them, the osteotomy and the polishing of the nasal bone are slower, more progressive, in conclusion, they make rhinoplasty a very controlled surgery.

Advantages in ultrasonic rhinoplasty

The use of ultrasounds in rhinoplasties has direct and indirect advantages. Directly, the control we exert over the bone remodeling brings us closer in a safe way to the desired result, it is respectful with the tissues of the surgical surroundings (cartilage, nasal mucosa, blood vessels…), it is a progressive and slow process (we don’t break the bone at one) and, therefore, it’s less traumatic.

Indirectly, all of this leads us to a reduction of surgical time (a basic factor in any surgical intervention), there appears less inflammation and haematoma, no need for nasal blockages… the post-operative is more bearable for the patient, less irritating.

Keep in mind that as a surgical technique in medicine, it has existed for a long time, therefore it is not new, we know it! and we are used to it. It has been and is widely used in different medical specialities such as traumatology, maxillofacial surgery and neurosurgery. The “newness” consists in the application in rhinoplasties thanks to the adequacy of surgery instruments.

As always, the criteria of the surgeon is basic, it is necessary to know how to use the ultrasounds and to indicate their correct use, for example, on the nasal cartilage they don’t have any effect. In our clinic, Dr. Joan Birbe, diplomated maxillofacial surgeon American Board, has an extensive experience in its use and applications in nose surgeries.

If we had to sum it all up in one sentence, this would be it:
“The ultrasonic rhinoplasty allows a precise and controlled remodeling of the bone that gives shape to the back of the nose with all the advantages that it supposes, both medical and comfortable for the patient”

Having a nose in accordance and proportionated with the rest of our face, increases our facial harmony, it makes us more beautiful. Apart, we can all have particular likings, so the surgeon has to know how to listen and explain to the patient what can be achieved, what are limitations that exist…

All you need for an ultrasonic rhinoplasty in Barcelona

In Clínica BIRBE we have:

  • of a surgeon, passionated about his medical speciality and dealing with people.
  • the ideal team: anesthesiologists, operating room instrumentalists, assistants who will treat and guide you in anything you need, receptionists who will facilitate the necessary bureaucratic procedures.
  • this technique, ultrasound rhinoplasty, in which you are interested.

You only have to contact with us (via form, WhatsApp, phone) and start! We ca do a big progress way before your visit to our center, you can send us photos, anticipate your case or detail your needs.

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