Welcome to Birbe’s Clinic

Dear Patient: Welcome to our clinic!

We can assure you the best service, if we develop between us a high level of cooperation and understanding.

What can Birbe’s Clinic offers to you?

We consider that you should expect from us:

  • A maximum level of competence if the diagnose and treatment of your oral, maxillofacial amd implantology healt issues.
  • A permanent recycling, with the objective of offer you the latest techniques and progresses in the maxillofacial surgery field, as well as in the dental implants and odontology ones.
  • A cientifical trust of the evidence and treatment that you will be reccommended.
  • Fulfillment of the treatment plan and the objectives set.
  • An excellent service: kindness, neetness and punctuality.

When you visit our clinic…

Reciprocally, we except from you:

  • Assist punctually to your appointments.
  • If you could not asist to one of your appointments, inform us with a minimum margin of 24h in advance, as that time has been reserved for you.
  • Your colaboration, following our instructions, to do the correct treatment at home.
  • The fulfillment of the paying form previously stablished.

We are very thankful for your trust set on us, and we expect to satisfy entirely your expectations.

If you are interested in anyone of our treatments and services, please, contact to us. Now, you can make your appointment online!

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