What’s the blepharoplasty or the treatment of the bags of fat of the eyes?

The blepharoplasty is the surgery that corrects the bags of fat in the lower eyelids, the excess of skin that produce the falling of the superior eyelids or the fat that acumulates around the eyes. These are features that reflect tiredness and aging aspects, that do not correspond to reality.


Women and men older than 40 years old, that denote an excess of skin or fat in the eyelids but that mantain a correct facial structure. They are usually active people and that’s why it bothers them so much waking up in the morning already with a tired aspect that does not correspond with their good spirit.


In the first consult, they realise an exhaustive evaluation of your vision and of your general health. As well, they analyse your daily habits (use of glasses or contact lenses, if you smoke, if you take any type of medication, possible allergies…), as they are factor that influence considerably in the study mentioned. The surgeon will give you a certain guide that you should follow during the weeks before the operation, regarding alimentation and habits.

Surgical Technique

The surgery will take place in an operating room, with local anesthesic or local anesthesic plus sedation, depending on each patient. The intervention normally lasts one hour thirty minutes approximately.

Superior Blepharoplasty
First of all, they mark on the skin where the incision will take place, and then they procede to this incision in the natural limit of the superior eyelid, where the scar will be hidden. Secondly, the surplus skin and a thin orbicular muscle band will be removed, to be able to locate the bags of fat and dry the required amount. The skin will be carefully closed, and small internal stitchs will mantain the tension. To finish, they will place some thin and small strips that will protect tha scar until when the stitchs will be removed, usually between the fourth and seventh day after the intervention.

Inferior Blepharoplasty
The surgery normally is realised by the transconjuntival way; an incision of one centimetre approximately is made behind de eyelid to access directly to the bags of fat. Afterwards, they look for the three compartments and they dry the bags one by one, in their right amount. Once eliminated, the intervention ends putting a little point in the conjuntive, or letting it without saturate depending on the surgeon, as it is a zone that closes very easily.

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